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Marine Lauren - When Dance Meets Fashion

Marine Lauren offers fashion-forward, flexible and reliable dance shoes for the West Coast Swing community and beyond. With this new label I am reinvesting in the idea of quality and contemporary fashion for today’s active, dynamic and passionate dancer.

For many years I’ve been dreaming of building my own fashion brand. With a Business degree and a well-rounded introduction to the footwear industry working at the ALDO Shoes head office, I knew that I wanted to follow a career in this ever-evolving world. I discovered West Coast Swing and eventually combined these two passions into one dream enterprise, designing and building a fashion dance shoe brand.

My experience until now as a community vendor has brought me valuable information and analytics about many different customer needs and wants. I have constantly built upon this knowledge brought by dancers of all levels and ages across the globe, to create upgrades and newness to my shoes.
Today, I feel extremely honored and thrilled to be working with design and production company Key&Crosbie in launching my flagship product “The Aurora”  for a rebirth and new day.