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Ella lace-up dance shoes Red, side
Ella lace up dance shoes red insole view
Ella lace up dance shoes, red pair
Ella lace up dance shoes, red, inside
Ella lace up red, outsole

Ella lace-up Red

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Discover Marine Lauren's first line of hard leather soled dance shoes, designed for dance floors as well as outdoor wear! 

Made in Portugal, the Ella is composed of 100% genuine leather, with longlaces that wrap around the ankle or instep as desired. Slick, breathable, great with any outfit!  

Features: 2cm (3/4") low heel. 1/4 shank for flexibility. Authentic cow suede upper, pig skin lining, leather outsole.

*Although hard leather soles allow for easier use than suede, they are still more delicate than everyday street shoes. To ensure a longer lifespan, avoid friction (dancing) on rough surfaces such as concrete, and limit water exposure.